Venice Film Festival 2022: Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, Olivia Wilde, and Chris Pine at the DON’T WORRY DARLING Photo Call

Posted on September 06, 2022

And now, a look back at a happier time, a simpler time; a time when we could all go to bed at night safe in the assurance that our beloved celebrities would never spit on each other non-consensually.


Several things right off the bat here, Chris Pine’s rep vehemently denied that any pop star fluids landed on his person during the screening. This closes out a fun, brief and harmless diversion in which we were also (*checks fingernails*) proven right. We knew it couldn’t have been a thing, not least because there is absolutely no visual evidence. Second thing: we reiterate our non-sheepish admission that we are totally milking this press rollout, just because of all the drama (like, for instance, co-star Florence Pugh showing up in Venice in the middle of this press conference and photo call, toting an Aperol spritz, a cute outfit, and a winner’s attitude. Third, we maintain that we’d probably have devoted this much coverage to all of this anyway, because this cast did not disappoint when it came to the fashion. In fact, we might suggest that all of them (including Flo in her cute purple getup and contrasting cocktail accessory) used fashion in fairly aggressive ways to change the conversation and that someone needs to write an oral history of how their stylists handled this week. Fourth: Yes, Styles and Pine do sort of look like a gay couple in The Boys in the Band, which brings us to the fifth thing: the looks:



Harry Styles in Gucci

Very cute, no notes. We like it more than his pointy-collared red carpet look.



Gemma Chan in Louis Vuitton

LV hooked their girl up with the gold for this one. We really like all of this, except for those weird strappy things hanging all over. Can’t say we love the cargo pockets either.




Chris Pine in Giuliva Heritage

At this point, so much of the Chris Pine mystique is bound up in his own personal charm and charisma, such that he can show up on the red carpet dressed like a 90-year-old tycoon looking for a new wife and somehow have it not look silly on him.



Olivia Wilde in Chanel

We guess all that wool and leather gets hot so she had to air things out, but we don’t think the type of design really calls for that kind of styling. It’s a really cute suit, though. We tend to think the black boots don’t do a thing for it.



[Photo Credit: Alberto Terenghi/IPA/INSTARimage/Cover Images]

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