Venice Film Festival 2022: Harry Styles in Gucci at the DON’T WORRY DARLING Premiere

Posted on September 06, 2022

Harry Styles allegedly spit on Chris Pine after these pictures were taken. Look, we know we’re supposed to be a celebrity style blog and not a celebrity gossip blog,  but sometimes, the goss and the lewks get so bound up in each other that it’s impossible to separate the two. Would we much rather talk about Harry’s ridiculous collar? Of course – and we will – but social media exploded last night when a video of Harry taking his seat next to Chris in the theater made the rounds, with a whole lot of people claiming that it looks like the pop star spit on his co-star. We sincerely doubt that was the case, since it would seem to be impossible for someone that an entire theater is looking at could spit on someone next to him without there being any sort of reaction from the crowd. Besides, you really can’t see anything that could be construed as Styles saliva flying through the air. Yes, the interaction looks a little odd and maybe something was said or something happened to cause Chris’s momentary pause and laughter (which is not how someone who just got spit on in public is likely to react), but videos from after he sat down show them smiling and talking, so it doesn’t seem likely. Sorry to poop on the potential drama, drama fans. We will have even more to say about all of this drama as we milk it feature the rest of the cast later today, but for now, let’s talk pointy collars.

We are inclined to love it, if only for being a little ridiculous. The jacket is well fitted and we love the shades and jewelry. We can take or leave the white shoes, but we HATE that the pants are in a contrasting color.



Style Credits:
Custom Gucci Ensemble

Styled by Harry Lambert


[Photo Credit: Alberto Terenghi/IPA/INSTARimage/Cover Images, KIKA Press/Cover Images]

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