Pop Style Opinionfest: How BLONDE Completely Misses the Point of Marilyn Monroe

Posted on September 30, 2022

For this week’s podcast, we watched Blonde so you don’t have to! We wouldn’t normally end a review with a plea not to watch whatever it was we just reviewed, but we’ll make an exception just this once.


It’s a stunning film in many ways, with a knockout performance at its center and a lot of sophisticated directorial decisions that could have potentially enriched the film if its central thesis wasn’t so terribly misguided. We’ll explain why.

ALSO: A slightly late dive into the latest House of the Dragon episode “The Princess and the Queen,” which featured a ten-year time jump and the introduction of several new cast members in older versions of characters we’ve already met. We’ll unpack why the show is still working for us, how it’s starting to show cracks in its setup, where the ten-year jump fails,  and whether there’s any point to focusing so much on childbirth.



All the opinions! All the laughter! All the tears! It’s all there, just waiting for you. Thank you for listening, dolls!


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix – Video Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

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