Amber Midthunder at the PREY Premiere

Posted on August 03, 2022

Amber Midthunder! Welcome to our judging circle for the very first time! Congratulations on your success! Let’s talk about your dress.




Actually, let’s put that aside for a second and note that your hair and makeup look great and your jewelry is well-chosen. Now. About that frock, dear…


It’s just not working and we’ll tell you why. It’s so busy and overdesigned that the eye doesn’t know where to go. For the red carpet – and all public or promotional appearances – the focus should always be on your face. Your clothes should work to support it, not distract from it. The sheer floral overlay is not our taste, but it’s pretty enough. It sure didn’t need the colored beading, which looks a little cheap. The half dress underneath is distracting and the design would have been better off with a full-length lining in white. The collar is WAY too high and the silhouette completely obscures you. There’s too much going on from a visual sense and not enough of a payoff for it.



This is SUCH a great idea for freshening up the alien monster genre. We would love to see more fantasy and sci-fi stories set in under-represented times and places.


Style Credits:
Styled by Jordan Gross | Hair by Kat Thompson | Makeup by Melissa Hernandez


[Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney, BauerGriffin/ Images – Video Credit: Hulu/YouTube]

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