BULLET TRAIN Style File: Brian Tyree Henry

Posted on July 21, 2022

Like all of the stars of Bullet Train, Brian Tyree Henry has been taking the occasion of the surprisingly extensive promo tour to deliver up some distinct, discussable looks. We appreciate his service. We also appreciate how thoughtful the decisions behind some of his ensembles have been and how well they tend to suit him. It really feels like he’s taking the moment of this increased spotlight to really brand himself. We can do nothing but applaud. And maybe state a few quibbles.



At the Berlin Premiere

He’s been wearing colorful, patterned, casual suiting with kicks throughout the tour and it looks really great on him. We wouldn’t normally recommend wearing a dress shirt open like that with a suit, but we’re shocked at how well it works. Maybe it’s because the colors are so bright and saturated that it just looks like layering instead of looking like he’s half dressed.




At the London Photocall

A valiant and interesting attempt, but the pattern mixing doesn’t photograph well and that jacket makes him look like he works in a kitchen. Love the shoes and jewelry, though.




At the London Premiere

Looks pretty great – or at least better than we’d have assumed if you described this to us. We’d never have recommended that tie color, but the more we look at it, the more we like how it brings the loudness down just a notch. The shoes don’t work with it and the pocket square looks like a disposable restroom hand towel – but the suit is pretty fab.



[Photo Credit: Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Sony Pictures, James Veysey/Shutterstock for Sony Pictures Entertaiment, John Rainford/Cover Images, Frederic Kern/DDP/INSTARimages.com/Cover Images]

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