Cathy Cambridge in Roland Mouret at the TOP GUN: MAVERICK UK Premiere

Posted on May 19, 2022

Okay, is it us or does this picture not break your brain a little? This is some multiverse of madness shit happening here. No, we are not peering into a timeline where Kate Middleton married international movie star Tom Cruise and became the Duchess of Scientology. Instead, the Kate and Wills of our universe got to dress up and hang out with movie stars at the Top Gun: Maverick premiere. We can’t say whether this is one of their favorite aspects of their jobs, but they sure know how to turn the glamour up for an event like this.


It should be noted that Prince William is so into this that he’s wearing loafers with little F-18 planes embroidered on them. Clearly a fanboy having a moment. Cathy looks great in a minimalist sort of red carpety way. She’s worn way more dazzling gowns than this when hanging out with celebrities, but there’s a sleek formality to this gown that really suits her. Love the earrings.



Style Credits:
Roland Mouret Off-the-shoulder Black and White Gown
Robinson Pelham Jewelry
Alexander McQueen Clutch
Prada Pumps


[Photo Credit: Dan Kitwood/PA Images/]

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