Pop Style Opinionfest: William & Kate’s Disastrous Caribbean Adventure

Posted on March 25, 2022

Well, we said we were gonna do it and we did it. After a week of restrained commentary and critique (no, really) regarding the Caribbean royal tour of Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, we finally reached the point (right around the time they rode around like a dictator and his wife) where we looked at each other and said “Looks like we’re doing an Opinionfest on these two jamokes.” There comes a point when the topic goes beyond poor dress choices and a podcast is a better place to hash out the implications of what this badly planned and poorly executed tour means, as well as what it says about William and Katherine and the extreme limitations of their tradition-above-all approach. And yes, Harry and Meghan come up. We don’t see how it would be possible to discuss this week without referencing the two who got away and how uniquely qualified they might have been to handle a tour like this one.

Also: TEEVEE TAWK! Tom has a few nerdthings to say about Moon Knight and a few more to say about Star Trek: Picard. Lorenzo has a whole report to offer on The Dropout, The Girl From Plainville and Bad Vegan:





So it’s not all ranting and raving, we swear!


And as always, thank you for listening, darlings.


[Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Images/INSTARimages.com, Jane Barlow/Pa Images/Instarimages.com – Video Credit: Hulu/YouTube, Netflix/YouTube]

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