Oscars 2022: Venus Williams in Elie Saab and Serena Williams in Gucci

Posted on March 29, 2022

One of the great things about how Venus and Serena Williams approach red carpet style (which is typically an arena in which most elite athletes tend to fail spectacularly and regularly) is the way they demonstrate a clear understanding of how to use fashion.


They are always dressed in a way that emphasizes their power as much as their beauty. They always look coordinated somehow, even when they’re dressed in totally different designs. There’s a through-line or a philosophy of style that transcends trends or style elements. It’s not easy to parse. It’s just that they always look connected somehow; like they’re saying the same thing in different ways.



Venus Williams in Elie Saab

It’s never a bad idea for a Williams sister to dress like she just got off the plane from Themiscyra. Amazon goddess may be a bit of a style cliche, but we can’t deny each of them are capable of rocking the shit out of it. Our only quibble here – and it’s a pretty big one – is the shape of that neckline, which is kind of awful and ruins the sleek, goddessy undertones of the gown.


Serena Williams in Gucci

This was a bit of a pleasant surprise, combining typical Williams-ian strength and confidence with a romantic softness that looks great on her. We love the color and the gloves. We dislike the width of that neckline, though. It just looks weird to us with such accentuated shoulders. And we’re sorry to say it, but those 10-pound shoes come damn close to ruining the whole look. A light, ethereal gown just doesn’t call for clodhoppers like those.



Style Credits:
Venus Williams: Elie Saab Dress | Tiffany & Co. Jewelry | Stuart Weitzman Shoes
Styled by Law Roach | Hair by Lacy Redway | Makeup by Karina Milan

Serena Williams: Gucci Dress | Serena Williams Jewelry Earrings
Styled by Jason Bolden | Hair by Alexander Armand | Makeup by Farzana Zaman


[Photo Credit: [ABC, Michael Baker/A.M.P.A.S., Michael Baker/A.M.P.A.S.]

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