Rooney Mara and Bradley Cooper at the “Nightmare Alley” New York Premiere

Posted on December 02, 2021

We’ll be honest with you because that’s the kind of transparent blogging professionals we are. Sometimes we give a star (or stars) the spotlight post treatment because they’re wearing really interesting and discussable fashion. Other times we give them the treatment simply because they’re stars and they have fans who come looking for any of coverage of them. Anyway, here’s Academy Award-nominated actors Bradley Cooper and Rooney Mara.



We are perhaps being a little unfair in our bitchiness, because while he comprises six or so feet of funereal blandness (sorry, newly arrived Coop fans!), she is actually wearing a really interesting ensemble. Black lace can come off so heavy and dreary on red carpets – and to be fair, it’s not exactly coming off breezy and light here – but the design is really interesting and we like the sort of tuxedo bolero. She wears black way too much for pictures, but we wouldn’t mind it here if she’d just do something interesting with the rest of the styling. We can understand defaulting to a simple and unfussy hairstyle, but that only works as a go-to look if it actually, you know, looks good on you. The ballerina hair is not great and we tend to think a dress this grandiose calls for a bit more in the way of jewelry.

We feel bad that he barely got an assessment from us and she got nitpicked, but really, what is there to talk about here? It’d be boring on a tax lawyer. We sometimes think guystars who dress like this assume that their innate stardom, presumed artistry, and/or good looks free them from having to do anything interesting with their style. Obviously, he’s doing alright for himself careerwise, so we won’t argue that he’s doing it wrong. It’s just so dull.








Style Credits:
Rooney Mara: Custom Alexander McQueen Bustier Dress in Black Floral Lace and Cropped Tailored Jacket in Wool Silk
Bradley Cooper: Gucci Black and White Ensemble


[Photo Credit: JOHN NACION/, ROGER WONG/ – Video Credit: SearchlightPictures]

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