“The Morning Show” Star Reese Witherspoon Covers InStyle’s December Issue

Posted on November 08, 2021

Reese Witherspoon is gracing the cover of InStyle’s December issue, interviewed by Gayle King. With her recent nine-figure money moves and a full slate of upcoming projects, “The Morning Show” star is like the Lebron James of Hollywood — and she’ll be the first to tell you.






  • Gayle King: What’s it like to be a badass? Own it, Reese!
  • Reese Witherspoon: I’ve said this to Oprah before, but LeBron James doesn’t go, “I’m kinda sorta good at basketball.” He’s like, “I’m the best there ever was.” So, yes, I do think I’m very good at what I do. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. I know what I’m doing. Give me the ball.
  • GK: Not only have you started a thriving company, but it was widely reported that you sold it for just under a billion dollars. Is that the number you wanted? Or did you have to negotiate?
  • RW: Oh my gosh, yes! It was two, maybe three months of negotiations on the phone all day. Calls at one o’clock in the morning. I didn’t know a lot about private equity. I’d never sold a company in my life. [Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine’s CEO Sarah Harden will continue to oversee day-to-day operations and remain significant equity holders.] I learned so much. I was really clear about what women’s stories mean in a marketplace. So it had to be a number that signified that it’s big business because women are big business. Female audiences are big business. Female filmmakers are big business. You can’t ignore half of the population of the world and say that they don’t economically matter; they do.
  • GK: There are some liberties, it’s true. I get what George was saying. There are some other things that are dead-on. Is there a broadcaster who serves as [your character] Bradley Jackson’s main inspiration? I love this girl! She goes from “I’m so happy to be at this job” in Season 1 to telling the boss “Fuck you” in Season 2.
  • RW: It was great to play this character who was so excited to be invited to the party; then by Season 2 she’s entitled, she’s a brat, she’s advocating for herself but maybe not in the most professional manner. It was fun to play somebody so different from myself. I’m a team player, but that is not Bradley.
  • GK: I want to go back to the first question: Is there a broadcaster who serves as your main inspiration for your character?
  • RW: Well, you!
  • GK: Uh, let me tell you something: If I said to the boss at CBS, “Fuck you, and I’m going to call in sick for the next month,” I swear to you I’d be in Times Square looking for a cab. Taxi! So, who is it really?
  • RW: I don’t know! I think there’s people who have understood that they should not be treated poorly and have decided not to go to work because they didn’t want to be treated poorly. Look, people know their power; people know their influence. There’s an entire new world order, too.


The interview will be featured in InStyle’s December issue hitting newsstands on November 19th.


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[Photo Credit: Emma Summerton/Dawes+Co/InStyle Magazine]

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