LACMA Art + Film Gala: Miley Cyrus in Gucci x Balenciaga: IN or OUT?

Posted on November 08, 2021

Miss Miley is serving up a little post-punk Dolly Parton realness from the neck up and that will never be considered a bad thing around these parts. She’s also serving the matchiest of matchy outfits, with the kind of design motif that tends to set folks on edge. In other words, it’s all about the STYLE CONTROVERSY with this one and you are called upon to settle matters once and for all. Now. Brace yourselves for what’s to come.



There. That wasn’t so bad, right? We think we mostly like it – or at least the idea of it. The floral is fun and we like the shape of the jacket. We would be okay with a pair of skinny pants, but we are not loving what looks like a boot-pant. Not that we’re against them in general, but we don’t like seeing that pattern continue all the way down to the toes – and then several inches beyond them. And we really don’t think a matchy little purse was needed. This had a chance to go all rocker chic, but parts of it seem a little too precious to us. On the other hand, she’s to be commended for not showing up at an all-Gucci event looking like everyone else there. On the other-other hand, that’s a lot of Balenciaga signage to be carrying around on your back all night. Since we ran out of hands a few sentences back, we’ll let you make the call here.

Miley Cyrus Floral Explosion:

IN or OUT?





Style Credits:
Gucci x Balenciaga Floral Print Ensemble

Styled by Bradley Kenneth


[Photo Credit: Media Punch/, Abaca/]

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