Macaulay Culkin, Jared Leto, Jodie Turner-Smith and a Whole Lot of Other Stars at Gucci’s “Love Parade” Fashion Show in Hollywood

Posted on November 03, 2021

This was a really fun idea. No matter what else you can say about the House of Gucci’s current aesthetic, they are very good about courting celebrities and making their brand look like the one simply everyone who is anyone is wearing at the moment. What better way than to line up an eclectic gathering of stars and asking them to model the house’s latest on no less a shrine to American celebritydom than Hollywood’s Walk of Fame?



Jared Leto



Jeremy Pope



Jodie Turner-Smith



Kodi Smit-McPhee



Macaulay Culkin



Miranda July



Phoebe Bridgers



St. Vincent



Runway commentary isn’t really our bag, because unlike the red carpet, we don’t think it always lends itself to snarky commentary without lapsing into the same tired Derelicte jokes. It’s a deliberately pretentious atmosphere for a whole range of reasons going back a century or more, almost all of which arise out of its origins as an industry trade show rather than a snapshot or showcase of how the average person dresses. It’s why “runway styling” is almost always considered a fairly un-stylish way to dress yourself. Without objectifying them, the styling of the average runway model is about as practical or applicable to the average wearer as the kind of stuff you see on mannequins in the windows of the world’s most expensive boutiques and department stores; a way of showing off goods and delivering a vibe rather than a suggestion as to how to wear the items. Of course that line gets very blurry when you introduce celebrities into the mix. They often wear runway styling on red carpets and other promotional appearances either because they have a relationship with the brand or (much more common), they want to be seen as if they do. All of which is a roundabout way of saying that we’re not really here to rag on any of the above ensembles. Jared Leto is extremely toned down, Macaulay actually looks really great in that sort of sleazy cosplay vibe, Jodie Turner-Smith looks spectacular, as does the guy whose name we always confuse with hers, Kodi Smit-McPhee.

You can watch the show below. It’s an entertainingly theatrical affair and it really does feel like a salute to Hollywood as a cultural institution.





[Photo Credit: ABACA/ – Video Credit: Gucci/YouTube]

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