“Bruised” Director Halle Berry Covers December Issue of Women’s Health Magazine

Posted on November 22, 2021

Halle Berry is playing by her own rules. The Oscar-winning actress is adding director to her résumé with the mixed martial arts film “Bruised.” Also star of the film, she not only challenged herself behind the scenes but by training intensely––learning five versions of mixed martial arts and upping her weight-training regimen. She even broke two ribs while filming fight scenes with UFC champion and costar Valentina Shevchenko. Berry spoke with writer Jessica Herndon for December’s Women’s Health cover story, revealing how she unlocked her strength, creativity, and commitment to live fully on her terms.




Halle on convincing Bruised producer Basil Iwanyk to reimagine her character, originally written for a 25-year-old white woman:

“I felt it was more powerful for a middle-aged woman of color to have a last chance. The stakes were higher.”

Halle on taking the reins behind the camera to make her directorial debut with Bruised:

“When I realized I couldn’t find a director who saw this story like I saw it, I had a moment of reckoning. I finally realized that at this point in my life, I was ready. I had to take control. I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to work harder than I’ve ever worked.’ ”

Halle on why working on Bruised was “totally empowering”:

“I’m at my best when I have to work hard and when I’m facing challenges… To be the age I am and push my body to its limits reminded me that age is just a number. We can control how we define ourselves, and I’ve never been healthier and felt stronger. This movie helped me realize that.”

Halle on finding the motivation to workout when she’s tired:

“It’s not easy. But I always remind myself why I’m doing it. Since I had [kids] a little later in life, I want to be here for them. I want to live as long as I can and see my grandbabies.”

Halle on taking care of herself:

“We always have to take care of ourselves first, because I can’t be a good mother for my children if I’m not fundamentally happy and feeling good about myself.”

Halle on her message to the next wave of Black creatives in Hollywood:

“All I can do is hopefully inspire and pass the ball to those coming behind me. The greatest compliment I ever get is when someone says, ‘Because you did something, it inspired me to do something else.’ That makes my heart burst.”


The December issue of Women’s Health featuring Halle Berry hits newsstands nationwide on November 23.


[Photo Credit: Cliff Watts for Women’s Health Magazine]

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