Pop Style Opinionfest: A Whole Bunch of Opinions on the World this Week

Posted on October 22, 2021


Some weighty topics this week, but also an unfolding tragedy, so we’ll keep our tone on the cool side for this one. Sure, we have plenty of fun talking about why Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are so wrong for Lucy and Desi (and whether biopics have a responsibility to be accurate) and how we heard the rumor that Sarah Jessica Parker has been wearing decoy costumes while shooting And Just Like That. But there’s no denying the seriousness of the situation regarding the tragic and seemingly accidental shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin’s latest film. We run down the news as we know it so far, talk about how Baldwin’s persona (and long list of enemies) has turned this into a political matter/culture war issue almost immediately, and discuss just why in the hell there are still live firearms on film sets thirty years after they managed to figure out a way to bring dinosaurs to life onscreen.

And finally, we check in with our ol’ pal Pete Buttigieg and unpack just how fucked up it is that a man can’t take time to raise his child without being publicly mocked for it or having it treated like a political scandal. HAVING SAID THAT, there’s a reasonable critique to be made against the Secretary of Transportation’s family leave and we wish someone had made it clearly instead of resorting to homophobia and misogyny.



Like we said, some weighty stuff (including a minor riff on how the streets seem to be filling up with stressed out, fucked up or feral people more and more lately), but we promise it’s not doom and gloom, you guys! Thank you for listening and let us know what you think of our takes on these topics!


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