Louis Vuitton Fashion Show and After-Party Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 06, 2021


We had to give spotlight time to two of the more notable attendees of the Louis Vuitton show (here and here), but there’s only so much individual cray a blogger can be expected to handle, darlings.




Alicia Vikander (with Nicolas Ghesquière)

Nicolas Ghesquière wound up posing with half the attendees, which is kind of unusual for a fashion show and makes us think he kind of got stuck there and didn’t know how to bow out. Anyway, Alicia’s look is kind of cute, all things considered.




Ana de Armas

It’s … sort of cute? Or it would be if that dress didn’t look like it was made out of cardboard. What’s with the random knot? When are we getting past this “shitkickers with a party dress” trend? So many questions here.




Catherine Deneuve

The coat’s kind of fun, we guess, but it looks like she threw it on just for the pictures.



Cody Fern

One thing you can say about Cody: Cody COMMITS to a look. Why do all of these items look like they were made out of paper and plastic?




Cynthia Erivo

Kudos to Cynthia for snagging one of the least cray of the looks on offer. This is actually kind of cute.




Laura Harrier

She’s gorgeous, but even she can’t make this wildly random collection of elements and items work together.



Maria Bakalova

It’s really hard to look at these ensembles and come away with any impression other than that they were randomly thrown together. Nothing coordinates with anything else.



Phoebe Dynevor

Love the skirt. Everything else is terrible.



Regina King

Oof. She’s trying; we’ll give her that. The jacket’s nice, but … nothing else is. Maybe the blouse.


Samara Weaving

THAT’s how you do it! Just go with the cray, for God’s sake. It’ll all be over soon and most sites won’t run the pictures. She looks like a French cowboy in outer space, which is as it should be.



Tom Daley

Meh. You could’ve gone for something fun and you chose this? You look like a bouncer at a mafia strip club.





[Photo Credit: Zabulon Laurent/Abaca/Instarimages.com, ABACA/INSTARimages.com]

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