“The Suicide Squad” Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on August 03, 2021


The stars of The Suicide Squad came out for the film’s premiere, along with a few Squad-supporters. It’s a big-time, old-school, chaotic superhero premiere red carpet — and kittens? We have been waiting SO DAMN LONG to judge one of these things again. Put your judgin’ pants on and join us, won’t you? We already gave the spotlight to Margot, Storm and Leslie, so let’s get down to assessing the rest.


Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani

Our favorite Hollywood couple is out and about! Kumail very nearly went into hiding after social media got too mean and racist to deal with, so we’re happy to see him back out, looking hot as hell, and ready to promote Eternals. We absolutely love the whole loungey-chic vibe of her look. Not that a crop top should be considered easy-breezy; just that she’s making it look like it is. LOVE the silver kicks and the Prince bag. Just a fun, funky look that clearly speaks to who she is.



Flula Borg

We’re not huge fans of the buttoned-up white dress shirt without a tie; even less so when there’s some sort of item put in place of an actual tie. Even so, we respect the tailoring here, which is flawless (except for the sleeves; could have used a half inch more) and we are duty-bound to applaud the choice of jewelry. It’s definitely a distinct look even though it’s fairly conventional menswear.


Jai Courtney in Dolce & Gabbana

This is so ridiculously sleazy that we love it. Our only true complaint is with the socks, which look dingy. Sockless was the way to go, to give that whole “South Beach Hairdresser” vibe.



Joel Kinnaman

Our unasked-for advice to Joel: Don’t try this sort of look unless the tailoring is flawless and you can show up without looking rumpled. The difficulty level is high, so we respect the attempt, but this could’ve used a lot more polishing and fine-tuning. It’s a style that only looks effortless.



John Cena

This is too dorky for words. Save this stuff for Comic-Con, John.




Kate Beckinsale in Rasario

She never pushes the envelope, never comes off trend-focused and never fails to deliver a serve. If we have any critique, it’s that her style sometimes skews older than she is.




Kimiko Glenn in Christopher Kane

This is fabulous, head to toe.



Mayling Ng

She’s the muscle in the film and we can’t imagine any female bodybuilder could be talked out of wearing a dress that gives maximum exposure. You gotta show off the work proudly any chance you get. She looks great and we love the bigness and boldness of her accessories, from the shoes to the rings and watch. Dainty was clearly not called for here.


Michael Rooker

How to put this?

For what this is, this is good. For those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they like. No, that’s not quite it. What we’re saying here is that Michael Rooker has a style that’s very much him and that this is a very good upscaling of that style for the red carpet.



Rita Ora (in Azzi & Osta) and Taika Waititi

Well, they’re red carpet official now. He looks great, as always. She’s fine, but as per the usual with her, the outfit’s more complicated than it needs to be. Either the cutouts or the tricky skirt; not both at the same time.


[Photo Credit: RobinLori/INSTARimages.com, Eric Charbonneau/Courtesy of Warner Brothers]

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