Camila Cabello Promotes “Cinderella” in Azzi & Osta

Posted on August 27, 2021

Well, that’s one way to send a “I am not the character I’m playing” message through fashion. Because we can’t think of a less Cinderella-esque ensemble than the one your future Cinderella Camila Cabello wore to promote her new version, airing on Prime Video next week.



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In a way, we really respect the choice, because there was probably a decent amount of pressure put on her to go the princessy route. And who knows? Maybe she will for a future promotional appearance. But while we can’t say we like this design at all (like, not even a little bit), we do think it’s a good idea to dress like this (as opposed to showing up in a succession of pastel-colored ball gowns and day dresses) in order to sell the idea that you’re doing a modern update on a very old character. It also keeps her fashion firmly in the pop star area, which tends to be more open to weirder fashion than the actress area.

But yes, it’s a bit of a goofy look, even if it is a strongly declarative one. That top could look great with a big skirt underneath it, but that truncated pantsuit is a big ol’ NO GIRL. Cute shoes, though. No matter what fashion route you decide to travel on the road to promoting your Cinderella movie, cute shoes are a must in every case.


Mary mother of Pearl, that… that doesn’t look like something we’re in a rush to see, let’s say. Congratulations and best wishes to the demographic that’s excited about the above. Enjoy.

Style Credits:
Azzi & Osta Black Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection
Yun Yun Sun Jewelry
Effy Jewelry
Sara Weinstock Jewelry

Styled by Rob Zangardi + Mariel Haenn | Hair by Dimitris Giannetos | Makeup by Patrick Ta


[Photo Credit: Mariel Haenn/Instagram/@marielhaenn,]

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