Cannes 2021: Marion Cotillard in Chanel at the Opening Ceremony

Posted on July 07, 2021

Marion Cotillard serves up a little bit of red carpet comfort food. Yesterday, she hit the beach for a photo call with Adam Driver sporting the craziest lower half of an ensemble as we’ve seen in years. YEARS, darlings. It was a refreshing jolt of celebu-cray for which we are still grateful. It’s nice to know the stars are still going to wear nutty looks to get our attention.

But it’s also nice to be reminded that stars still know how to look like stars when they want to. Like so:





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We put it to you that this is not a particularly interesting gown, nor does it embody what we could consider the recognizable Chanel aesthetic. In another time, possibly at another place, we might get into the weeds of complaining about such elements as the scalloped edges, the peplum or the pattern mixing, but today is not the day. We’re just grateful to see a French movie star looking like a French movie star at Cannes.

Don’t worry. Our bitchiness will come back sooner rather than later. For now, we can’t help but drink it all in. Couture, darlings! Can’t you just smell it?


Style Credits:
Custom Chanel Silver Metallic Dress with Peplum Detailing

Styled by Eliott Bliss | Hair by Adir Abergel | Makeup by Christophe Danchaud


[Photo Credit: Alberto Terenghi/IPA/, David Niviere/Abaca/, DDP/, Adir Abergel/Instagram/@hairbyadir]

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