“Pose” Star Indya Moore for Porter Magazine

Posted on June 01, 2021

“Pose” star Indya Moore covers the latest issue of Porter magazine photographed by Camila Falquez and styled by Sean Knight.






“We were raised to believe that [as queer/trans people] we would be destroyed… to enter a life being told that these are the set of feelings that will lead you to your doom. If you feel this in this way, if you wear these clothes, if you want to do you, if you create a lifestyle for yourself that looks like this, you know [that] you don’t have a right to goodness. The older I got, the more autonomous I became over freedom, over my expression. [And] the more safe I felt, the more visible I became in my queerness.”

“We need community; you need people who love you in this life. You need people around who know you. We tend to lose ourselves [in] our survival. And when we have people around us who know us beyond our survival, they can help us to reground when things get really, really hard,” they say. “I think that was one of my life lessons – that love is important, and then from learning that I understood myself as having the responsibility to love responsibly and to show up for people in the ways that I’ve been shown up for.”


Style Credits:
Cover: Dress by Norma Kamali | Earrings by Stone & Strand
First Image: Dress by Loewe | Earrings by Completedworks
Second Image: Dress by Petar Petrov


[Photo Credit: Camila Falquez/Porter Magazine]

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