“Kevin Can F**K Himself” and “Schitt’s Creek” Star Annie Murphy for Marie Claire Magazine

Posted on June 15, 2021

“Kevin Can F**K Himself” and “Schitt’s Creek” star Annie Murphy covers Marie Claire’s ‘Summer Escape’ digital issue photographed by Lelanie Foster.



On finding work after Schitt’s Creek
After wrapping the final season of Schitt’s, she temporarily relocated to Los Angeles for pilot season—her first time auditioning in six years. “It’s really a daunting place to be, to have done this one character—and on a show that has become so beloved—for such a long time. So I was like, ‘Oh, fuck, can I do anything else?’”

The job prospects felt “bleak.” Like many actors who become synonymous with their on-screen counterparts, Murphy insisted her next role be different and challenging. But the parts coming her way either felt a little bit  Alexis or were just plain bad. “There was a lot of me reading scripts, being like, ‘Oh, man, is this what’s getting made right now? It’s not about anything. It’s not exciting.’”

On her new show Kevin Can F**K Himself and her character, Allison:
Through the alternating vantage points, “you get to see the impact that these so-called jokes are having on a human woman. These sitcoms have shrouded misogyny and racism and bigotry and sexism under laugh tracks.” Allison’s demeanor felt like just enough of a departure from Alexis’s. “She’s a very angry, very frustrated character, as opposed to Alexis’s bright, cheerful character. So it checked all the boxes for what I was looking for.”

On her newfound fame: 
Murphy feels like she entered quarantine as a largely unknown actor on a “sweet Canadian show” and emerged several months later to a noticeable shift. Suddenly she was getting recognized on the streets, her whereabouts tracked on social media.

“It’s weird to be this person now. Because going into [acting], it wasn’t fame at all that I was after,” she says. “I certainly took anonymity for granted. It is a strange thing to know that you go somewhere and people are looking. And I know that sounds kind of like a silly statement, to be aware that you’re being watched.”


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[Photo Credit: Lelanie Foster/Marie Claire Magazine]

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