Twirling Through It: Twitter Won’t Save the World

Posted on May 21, 2021


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There’s no denying that social media provides a platform for marginalized people and, at its best, can level the playing field occasionally in terms of who gets to have their say or direct the conversation. Everything from #MeToo to #BlackLivesMatter to #OscarsSoWhite has had real, measurable effects on the world and that sort of engagement should always be encouraged and supported. It’s a good thing (usually) when people use social media to advocate for a cause or to show solidarity with it, but it is by no means a requirement for entry. If someone doesn’t want to take a stand on Israel and Palestine or fails to put BLM in their profile or refuses to engage in partisan debates, we are all free to judge the hell out of them for it, but no one really has the right to demand those sorts of responses from anyone.


[Photo credit: Oleg Laptev]

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