“The Nevers” Photocall in London

Posted on May 14, 2021


We know this feeling will fade when normalcy (whatever that is) returns, but we’re loving this period where formerly work-a-day events become epic affairs just because it’s been so long since we had them. The world has managed a few tense little red carpet events over the past year, but we always knew things would start feeling more normal when we had photo calls to feature. And apparently, the cast members drove the Victorian electric car (which we would have assumed was a non-functioning prop) around London, which makes this extra fun. Fashion discussions are always better when two things are involved: celebrities and props.



We’ve been covering The Nevers occasionally on our podcast (choosing not to do written reviews because show creator Joss Whedon is radioactively problematic now), but the short version is: it’s entertaining, if flawed and weighed down with a lot of cliches and Whedonisms. The whole thing hinges on these two actresses, who are fun to watch and nearly unrecognizable here out of their Victorian finery.


Ann Skelly in Miu Miu

This is a really cute dress and we like the shoes a lot, but the bodice does tend to look more like an apron than a full garment. It looks like the whole back would be open like a hospital gown if she turned around. Given how everyone else is dressed, we wonder if this wouldn’t have been improved by some form of outerwear, although wearing a jacket over those bows might be awkward.


James Norton

Despite him being WAY more good-looking, Tom feels a kinship with James Norton because they share the exact same coloring, resulting in the exact same issues when being photographed. Because he’s pale, blue-eyed and blonde-lashed, his features and eyes disappear in most pictures. It looks like someone got the idea to bronze the hell out of his face to correct this. It’s not a bad tactic in theory, but it needs a very light hand. He’s bordering on orange.

We don’t expect much agreement on this, but we LOVE this outfit. It’s minimalist and modern with just a hint of retro period clothing. The cut of the pants is a little dicey, though.


Zackary Momoh

Love the coat, love the skinny jeans. He just needed a shirt that provided some contrast or color. Otherwise, it just looks like someone handed him a coat when he showed up after his workout.



Laura Donnelly in The Vampire’s Wife

We’ve seen a bunch of ladystars trying to pull off a version of this sparkly TVW dress, but it seems to us it only works if you’re really well suited to it. Given how often she’s done period costume work, we think she can handle some of the more twee aspects just fine. It feels like a deliberate attempt to update her Victorian-wear for promo work and for the most part, it really works for us. The blue shoe is an unexpected choice, but we think it brings a maturity into play that a dress like this badly needs. She looks great.




[Photo Credit: Ben Queenborough/Pinpep/Cover Images/Instarimages.com]

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