Claire Foy and Yara Hashidi at the Pirelli 2020 Calendar Event

Posted on December 04, 2019

Claire and Yara are here to wish you a happy, joyous and modest new year. It’s not really for us to dive too deep into theorizing why the worlds of fashion and celebrity have embraced modest (in the sense of coverage) styles that tend to hew pretty closely to silhouettes and styles from well over a century ago. We think factors like the #MeToo movement, the current political atmosphere, and online misogyny have a lot to do with it, but we also think it’s a question for women writers, stylists, stars and designers to explore; not us. We can all theorize as to why, but the bottom line is that the prairie dress/Stepford wife look has been ascendant all year (which is very good news for brands like The Vampire’s Wife) and shows no sign of slowing down in the year to come.

Anyway, let’s judge.

Claire Foy in The Vampire’s Wife

We tend to be a lot more lenient toward TVW’s style when it’s a little stripped bare – especially when there’s no print involved. We like the shape here, especially the top half, with the enhanced shoulder and dramatic sleeve. We could’ve done without the ruffle on the bottom. And like so much of this brand’s pieces, it’s rendered in a fabric that looks cheap and chintzy to us. A richer metallic or better yet, a velvet in this style would be perfect.



Yara Shahidi in Gucci

Even though very little about this is really to our tastes, we have to recognize when a style is rendered well. This is a beautiful dress that looks stunning on her and couldn’t be more seasonally appropriate. No, we haven’t suddenly embraced lace or bows and yes, that is not a particularly easy green to work, but sometimes you’ve just got to admit when something really works. She looks gorgeous. Love the sleeves.




Style Credits:
Claire Foy:
The Vampire’s Wife Metallic Long-sleeve Dress
Styled by Nicky Yates

Yara Shahidi:
Gucci Green Long-Sleeve Dress with Belt from the Resort 2020 Collection
Styled by Jason Bolden | Hair by Nicholas James | Makeup by Emily Cheng

[Photo Credit: Piovanotto Marco/Abaca/,]

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