Billboard Music Awards 2021: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Posted on May 25, 2021


Do you know how loudly we yelled when we saw these pictures? Can you understand the sheer joy and elation we felt, knowing what this might portend? Darlings, we were absolutely beside ourselves. What more could two weary bloggers, worn out from thirteen months of trying to find the fabulous and the ogle-worthy in a world with no red carpets and everyone existing in sweat pants ask for than THIS?




We’re telling ya, there is nothing we’d love more than a summer of full-on tacky celebrity attention-seeking. Bring us back to the glory days of bitchy celebrity blogging, stars! Serve us updated Angelina and Billy Bob or Pam and Tommy! The world is crying out for this level of sheer (no pun intended) ridiculousness. You two look absolutely GLORIOUS to our tired eyes. And by that we mean ridiculous, of course.

By the way, you just can’t get the full tacky effect until you see the dyed black tongue. You heard us:


Take us back to 2006, stars. We’re ready for it.


Style Credits:
Megan Fox: Mugler Black Sheer Dress with Cutout Detailing from the Spring 2021 Collection
Machine Gun Kelly: Balmain Black and White Ensemble from the Spring 2021 Collection


[Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/NBC,, Courtesy of Mugler]

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