Emma Roberts Celebrates the Valentino x Belletrist Collaboration

Posted on April 29, 2021


The other day, Lily Collins got dressed in perhaps the least practical outfit for walking around a gallery and now we have Emma Roberts, wandering through a bookstore in a gown. We are kind of loving this trend in a red carpet-hungry world. We hope we can catch Taylor Swift in supermarket in haute couture soon.



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You should know, however, that we are total bitches who buried the lede in favor of some good old-fashioned bloggy snark. She’s not just swanning around looking fabulous for no reason. And she does look fabulous. That’s a gorgeous gown. She’s serving you this look because Valentino has agreed to partner with Belletrist, Emma Roberts’ online bookclub community, to donate to indie bookstores as part of their “Valentino Collezione Milano: The Narratives” initiative to support literary arts. It’s a PR thing for a good cause, in other words. And we’re all about that vibe ’round here; especially if it lets a gal swan around in a Valentino gown.



Style Credits:
Valentino Floral Print Gown from the Spring 2021 Collection

Styled by Brit + Kara | Hair by Lisa Satorn | Makeup by Kara Yoshimoto Bua | Nails by Stephanie Stone


[Photo Credit: Franck Bohbot/Instagram, Courtesy of Valentino, valentino.com]

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