Grammys 2021 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on March 16, 2021

Once again, it is time to put another awards show red carpet to bed, good and judged. We spotlighted a whole bunch of looks from this year’s surprisingly fashionable Grammys, but we wouldn’t claim that the folks below slacked off or failed to hit the mark in any way. Sorry, stars! We’d give each of you your own post, but we couldn’t possibly write that many introductions and concluding statements in one week! You’ll all just have to make do with our drive-by judgments.


Brittany Howard in Nonja Mckenzie

We loved this. It was unusual but it felt bold and declarative. We said in our Cosmo writeup that she looked like a cross between a judge and a priestess. That still fits. Our only critique is that we wish the fabrics had some less subtle textural differences or more embellishments. It needed just a little more dazzle to it.



BTS in Louis Vuitton

No complaints here, but they never truly get it wrong. Once again, each member of BTS is dressed distinct from the others, but they all look coordinated, even when it’s a combination of hoodies and suits, sneakers and dress shoes.



Chika in Nike x Versace

We don’t like this at all from a fashion perspective, but we really can’t blame anyone for wanting to stick with their sweats for a little longer. It’s all anyone’s been wearing for a year now. We do appreciate how playful and well coordinated this look is, though.



Chloe Bailey in Louis Vuitton


Halle Bailey in Louis Vuitton

Like BTS, Chloe and Halle are really good about dressing in a way that’s coordinated, but lets each of them be unique to themselves. It’s both a declaration of solidarity and of individuality. We love Chloe’s boots and sheer gloves just as much as we love Halle’s headwrap and train.



Chrissy Teigen in Aadnevik

We’re not a hundred percent on that skirt; the way the fringe parts to show off skin doesn’t feel like it’s married well to that extremely structured bodice. LOVE the earrings.



DaBaby in Dolce&Gabbana

It’s insane how much D&G was on the Grammys red carpet this year. Insane and a little depressing. No one wants to hold those two messes accountable for anything, it seems. Having said that, we do love this suit on him.



Doja Cat in Roberto Cavalli

Sorry, girl. This was easily the worst look of the night. Forget the attempt to marry a biker chick top with a showgirl bottom. Forget the wholly unworkable plunge of that open bodice. Just say the words “white leather and neon green feathers” out loud and you’ve got all the information you need.



Finneas in Gucci

This is really charming, but the jacket’s a bit snug and we’ll never love that style of tie.




H.E.R. in Dundas

LOVED this Boho (Insanely) Chic look on her. Our only critique is the dragging pants hem. The shades are fantastic.



Maren Morris in Dolce&Gabbana

Now that people are back on red carpets, we’re seeing the limits of satin again. This is a lovely color, but the puckering and wrinkling are distracting and look terrible in pictures. We don’t much love the placement of the beading either.




Mickey Guyton in Valentino

We wish the dress underneath had at least a little more interest to it and was in literally any other color, but the overdress is gorgeous.



Miranda Lambert in Genny

A pretty great dress with a horrible neckline. The bag looks like a makeup kit and those shoes are terrible.




Phoebe Bridgers in Thom Browne

It’s not pretty; not exactly. But it’s fun and witty and it reinforces her brand by reminding you of her iconic skeleton onesie.



Trevor Noah in Gucci

Nicely fitted tuxedos are the true sign that nature is healing.



[Photo Credit: Phil McCarten/CBS ©2021, Francis Specker/CBS ©2021, Chrissy Teigen/Instagram, Courtesy of Louis Vuitton]

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