Halloween Goddess Elvira for Vogue Magazine

Posted on October 29, 2020

Vogue chats with Elvira about dressing for Halloween year-round, wearing the same costume since the ’80s, and the “nightmare” that is 2020.




What does Cassandra wear when she’s not Elvira?
“You wouldn’t believe it. I wear exactly what I have on right now, which is black exercise pants and a T-shirt. That is it every day. I wear so much costume and makeup, and have for so many years, that when I am not being Elvira, I don’t wear makeup, I don’t do my hair. I just put on workout clothes. To get me dressed up to go anywhere is like pulling teeth. I always wish I wouldn’t have come up with such a complicated costume, makeup, and hair. I wish it would have been more like a mumu and flip flops.”

What does it feel like to see people replicate Elvira every Halloween?
“It always blows my mind. I see so many people dressed as Elvira: I get the photos. Men, women, dogs—you name it. I just got a fantastic picture of a dog dressed like Elvira. It had two big fuzzy balls where the chest goes.”





[Photo Credit: Mathu Andersen for Vogue Magazine]

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