Billboard Music Awards 2020: Cher in HILÁ

Posted on October 15, 2020

And now, Gay Blasphemy. We’re gonna be the fools who come for Cher.


Look, no one here is suggesting that she is anything but Diva Suprema for ever and ever, Amen. Long may she reign. We realize that both she and her style choices are sui generis and should be taken on their own merits rather than applying the so-called Rules of Fashion to them. She’s like Dolly Parton in that way. She’s Cher. She doesn’t do “fashion.” She does Cher. But with all that in mind, we still hate that skirt and think those shoes look terrible with the rest of the outfit. Hate us if you must, Cher-o-philes. We count ourselves among you but we must do as our consciences dictate. Our bitchy fashion blogger consciences. Let’s face it: that skirt’s hiddy. That irregular hem is giving us eyelid twitches.



Style Credits:
HILÁ by Hila Arshadnia Crystal-embellished Top and Mini Skirt
Jimmy Choo Embellished Shoes

Styled by Marjan Malakpour | Hair by Serena Radaelli | Makeup by Francesca Tolot


[Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/NBC, Christopher Polk/NBC, Rich Polk/NBC]

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