Billboard Music Awards 2020: Post Malone Serves His Best Self

Posted on October 15, 2020

And now, an appreciation for Post Malone’s style evolution. No, really. We thought he looked pretty great in this getup.



To be fair, it helps that it’s all black and the details are a little difficult to work out, but it gives him a kind of rock-and-roll cleric sort of feel and that’s not necessarily a bad way for him to go. We’re not trying to apply a conventional menswear point of view to him because what would be the point to that? Why even use the word conventional in a discussion about his style at all? There’s very little about this look that we’d recommend to most men (although we’re all for more cishet men wearing skirts). We’ve been covering music awards shows for a good while now and we’ll take a fully coordinated statement look made up of fine or quality pieces at an event like this over some guy showing up in an undershirt like it doesn’t matter to him. This is expressive, of a certain level of quality, and it suits him while serving as a statement of who he is. It’s not fashionable but it’s a well-rendered representation of himself through fashion.


[Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/NBC, Christopher Polk/NBC, Rich Polk/NBC]

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