Venice Film Festival: Cate Blanchett Serves Nautical Chic in Giorgio Armani

Posted on September 02, 2020

We know that, professionally speaking, we really have to get to work on getting over our spontaneous feelings of immense gratitude every time a celebrity steps out in front of cameras wearing something with a lot of labels attached to it. We’re supposed to be offering observations and critiques, not gushing over the very idea of famous people wearing clothes, dammit. But look, we’re only human, and if Good Lady Cate and Pope Tilda are what the universe intends to offer us after so many long months of turning its back on us? Step back, because we’re gonna do some gushing.



We thank you for these blessings, GLC. While it’s not our favorite Blanchett style jawn and wouldn’t even rank in our top twenty, we appreciate the “Casual Yacht Chic” sort of Old Money cosplay. It fits the moment. For us, the shades, jewelry and footwear are what take this look away from looking too curated or pretentious. They’re all really well-chosen. The super-cazh hair brings things down a notch too. With a look like this, you don’t want to come off to Thurston Howell. The styling really works.



We suppose we’re going to have to get used to a little compliance theater with every celebrity promotional event. Fine. It’s not a bad message to send and we get Cate and Tilda in return. Fair trade.



Style Credits:
Giorgio Armani Navy Blazer and White Shirt and Pants
Valentino Round Acetate Frame with V Logo Signature Crystal
Clergerie Berlin Derbies in White

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Makeup by Mary Greenwell


[Photo Credit: Ipa/,,]

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