Venice Film Festival Style File: Cate Blanchett in Triple RRR and Armani

Posted on September 07, 2020

Good Lady Cate spent the weekend strolling the sidewalks and canals of Venice in high-end casual wear. Our envy is boundless. We will not let it color our judgments, however. No, really.


Triple RRR

*pressing imaginary earpiece* We’re getting reports that she’s worn this cloud-covered jumpsuit before. We have no record of it in archives, possibly because we couldn’t bear the thought of her wearing this. She looks like she repairs cars for puppets on a TV show for toddlers. It’s a cutely whimsical idea on paper, but the shape is terrible and it clearly doesn’t hold up for photographs. Love the bag and the shades. The shoes are sort of fun and unexpected, but they tend to make the jumpsuit look all the more clowny.


Giorgio Armani

Ah, there’s the Hepburn-esque GLC we love. Sure, it’s great if she wants to wear something a little goofy now and then, like a cloud jumpsuit and gigantic bobo shoes. We won’t begrudge her that, especially if comfy footwear was involved. But we do so love when she works that casual form of laid-back glamour at which she excels. We think there’s a certain studied sloppiness to her casual looks this week, based on years of watching and commenting on her street and red carpet styles. The fact that the shirt’s a bit of a mess or that the whites don’t quite match feels a little deliberate. She really doesn’t seem to want to come across too glamorous or removed from reality, so she’s re-wearing a lot of old stuff and styling her outfits in a slightly askew or played-down way. If this sounds like excuse-making, so be it, but we can tell you after a decade-plus of studying her style, she absolutely never leaves things to chance and she rarely gets the details wrong. If Good Lady Cate’s blouse is bit of a mess, it’s because she wished it to be so.



Style Credits:
First Look: Triple RRR Cloud Jumpsuit from the Fall 2018 Collection | Antik Batik Venezia Woven Shoulder Bag | Stella McCartney Elyse Star Platform Lace-Up Shoes
Second Look: Giorgio Armani Crystal-Embellished Tuxedo Blazer, White Shirt and Pants

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Roberto D’Antonio | Makeup by Mary Greenwell


[Photo Credit: Manuele Mangiarotti/IPA/, Simone Comi/Ipa/, Courtesy of Triple RRR, Courtesy of Stella McCartney,]

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