Cathy Cambridge Visits a Scout Group in West London

Posted on September 29, 2020

Look, everyone! Look! Casual Cathy has always been our fave of the Cathies, but this is a new take! We’ll call her Camping Cathy! Comes complete with vest and kerchief!



We joke because … well, because we’re bitchy that way, but this really is kind of cute. Maybe wearing a fashion take on a scouting uniform is a little too on-the-nose and obvious, but we can’t see any reason why she should have been subtle or sophisticated in her messaging. It’s a sort of mascot approach and given the audience, we think it makes perfect sense.

We wonder if she’ll ever give up her beloved skinny jeans. Not that she has to, but they’ve cycled off-trend and are eventually going to look out of style, in the manner of all fashion trends. It would be kind of funny if the Duchess of Cambridge’s penchant for skinny jeans will someday be akin to the Queen’s love of the same helmet hair she’s been sporting for 60 years.






[Photo Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas/Pa Images/]

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