VMA Awards 2020: Keke Palmer Had Herself a Night

Posted on August 31, 2020

Keke Palmer made history as the first Black woman to solo-host the VMAs and she took the opportunity of the moment to unleash a string of fashion and stagewear on us, cycling through a range of styles and moods and giving us much to discuss.



We may as well admit that a star’s gonna have to come out in something offensively ugly for us to really be bitchy about it. We’ve all been suffering for a style drought for so long that literally anything with a little sass and sparkle is going to come off like a gift from heaven. We’ve never been big fans of big bows on grown ladies, but we kinda love this look, from the WAP hair to the sparkly straps, the choker and yes, even the hip bow. That silver-blue looks great on her. Sure, the look is a weensy bit prom, but not enough to bother us. We’re too big-hearted at the moment.


Ralph & Russo Couture

Love the dress, hate the shoes. To be fair, you can barely see the latter and that’s the way it should be with a dress like this one. If we were talking about a typical red carpet situation, we might declare this to be a bit too muppety, with a shape that makes her look like a caterpillar. But since she’s basically standing still and hosting her ass off, it works because it gives the home viewer something to look at – and wonder if she’s going to start eating leaves or spinning a cocoon soon. WE JOKE BECAUSE WE LOVE. And speaking of love…



This was really cute and a lot of fun. Not reinventing the wheel in terms of stagewear, but bright, eye-catching and referential in an entertaining way.




And this struck us as her “I’m taking this moment to get my high fashion on because I’ve been stuck inside or going to protests all year” choice. A girl needs to feel a little old-school Hollywood glamour and if she’s got the stage to herself (and a pile of borrowed merch to choose from), why not serve up a little star power? The dress is subdued but classic. If we have any suggestions or quibbles, we’d have told her to pick some big honkin’ jewelry to go with it.



Style Credits:
First Look: Area Sculpted Butterfly Dress and Crystal Choker from the Fall 2020 Collection
Second Look: Ralph & Russo Embelisshed Dress from the Spring 2020 Couture Collection | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Fourth Look: Valentino Dress from the Fall 2020 Collection

Styled by Mel Reneé Leamon (first look) and Mikiel Benyamin (second and fourth) | Makeup by Mimi Kamara | Nails by Sarah Nguyen


[Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2020, MTV, Mikiel Benyamin/Instagram, ralphandrusso.com, valentino.com]

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