Pop Style Opinionfest: Eek, Veep, WAP!

Posted on August 14, 2020


This week we did what? Opened our mouths and spewed a bunch of opinions! What a twist!

First up, quite a bit of gushing about HBO’s upcoming series Lovecraft Country:




Said gushing is non-spoilery, but full of opinions about why you should catch this horror/adventure about a Black family from the south side of Chicago in the 1950s dealing with the dual horrors of Jim Crow-era racism while battling demons, monsters, witches and ghosts. It’s not for us to say if it’s the best representation of Black American family life and history, but it is certainly the richest one we’ve seen since last year’s Watchmen.



After that, it’s Kamala Harris’ turn to step into the judging circle – and all the reasons why we’re not having a discussion about her political style and won’t be talking about Jill Biden either.

And finally, it’s WAP time, darlings!



We’re not so foolish as to give a review of Cardi B’s new jawn with Megan Thee Stallion, knowing it was never composed with two white gay dudes in mind (although we both kinda love it), but we do give our opinions as to why it instantly became so controversial and why there’s a message, meaning, and political act behind all of it; the kind that absolutely never gets received well. Also, our thoughts on the costumes and styling, as well as Lorenzo’s unfiltered thoughts on a certain guest star. 



Plus: Lorenzo’s fave new purchase (hint) and what it has to do with our book, as well as his rec for this week’s subtitle pick on Netflix. Thanks for listening, kittens! LUVYAMEANIT!




[Photo Credit: Elizabeth Morris/HBO, Cardi B/YouTube, CBS News/YouTube]

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