Joey King Promotes “The Kissing Booth 2” in Cos and Valentino

Posted on July 27, 2020

You have no idea how loudly and vehemently we huzzahed when we saw these shots. Not literally. Much as we’d love to foster an image of ourselves as people who shout things like “huzzah!” when things please us, anyone who’s listened to three minutes of us talking can tell we’re quite a bit less aristocratic in our utterings. More of an “Attagirl!” in these cases. They’re really figuring it out, you guys. It took a bit too long, but the world of celebrity promo fashion seems to be slowly adjusting to reality and figuring out how to serve up what the public expects in venues other than your usual red carpet, photo call or press appearance. We haven’t been super-keen on the staging of Miss Joey’s recent shoots, but this time, they got it exactly right.



Swear to God, that backdrop is perfect – even the door. You don’t need Vogue editorial art direction to pull off these promo style shoots. You just need a decent eye for staging on the fly. Oh, and a killer look helps tremendously – especially if it works in concert with the backdrop to produce a memorable or shareable image. The colors are fun and bright and they pop off the screen. And we think there’s something to be said for using cutesy accessories like hats and shades in these shoots. In a red carpet or talk show setting, we’d probably have told her to ditch them, but here, they’re perfect. Not sure about the boots, though.




That’s just straight-up fabulous. Almost old-school about it, like an ’80s fragrance ad. Again, there are certain aspects – public bra, sandals paired with sheer hose – that we might question on a red carpet, but we really like all of this and we think each element works well with the others. Those sandals are gorgeous and we think the black pedi works well with the sheer black stocking. We expect vigorous pushback from traditionalists, however. That’s fine. We don’t love public bras as high fashion, but we think the combination of those two elements is sexy. Both looks are perfect for promoting a rom-com. Well done all around. More, please.



Style Credits:
First Look: Cos Silk-cotton Polo Shirt In Yellow and Wool Mini Skirt in Turquoise | Manokhi Hat | Karen Walker Sunglasses | EF Collection Rings | Vita Fede Rings | We Love Colors Tights | Jeffrey Campbell Shoes
Second Look: Valentino Jacket and Skirt from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection | Noir Kei Ninomiya Mesh Top | Trois Bra | German Kabirski Jewelry | Wolford Tights | Okhtein Mahogany Roman Rod Gold Python Bag | Giuseppe Zanotti Ankle-Cuff Metallic Leather Sandals

Styled by Jared Eng | Hair by Matthew Collins (First Look) and Dimitri Giannetos (Second Look) | Makeup by Allan Avendaño | Nails by Thuy Nguyen


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jared Eng Studios/Instagram, Courtesy of Cos, Courtesy of Valentino,,]

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