Jennifer Lopez in Coach 1941

Posted on June 19, 2020

J LO GOT DRESSED UP IN MERCH AND WENT OUTSIDE! Sort of! Oh, kittens. Between Cathy Cambridge gingerly stepping a casually-shod toe back into the waters of royal duty and now Jenny From the Block deciding she’s had enough of this nonsense, our celebrity fashion cup runneth over this day. Don’t worry, Miss Jennifer is still observing the rules of social distancing – judging by these shots, anyway. She put on her contractually obligated Coach items, headed to the recording studio (in her home), and posted the shots on her instagram.


Personally, we don’t fancy the idea of wearing that much animal hide on oneself in June, but we’re so personally grateful to see a little bit of pretentious glamour back in our lives that we won’t even make an issue of it. You see, celebrities? If you put something expensive on and step in front of a camera, we’ll give you attention AND mostly not be bitches about it! Take advantage of this special offer now! So long as you either mask up or stay away from essential workers, that is.








Style Credits:
Coach 1941 Ensemble from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Coach 1941, JLO/Instagram]

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