Style File: Kim Kardashian Out and About in Paris in Balmain

Posted on March 02, 2020

America’s Princess of Pleather is out modeling the hottest new pieces from the family’s second-favorite fashion brand in the streets of Paris. As with all things Kardashian, don’t ask why. The answer will forever remain the same. For attention and/or money.



That looks … deeply unpleasant. There is no way those “pants” aren’t cutting off her circulation. The jacket’s got possibilities, but it’s the only thing in any of these pictures that does.


She looks like someone put a doll head on top of a pile of Silly Putty and turned up the heat.

We’ve said this before but it bears repeating: Given how insanely good she is at knowing how to leverage herself for more attention and money, we guarantee her preference for “bare” feet and clear footwear is because she knows there’s a portion of the market devoted to searching for exactly those terms. Like everything else she does, it’s good SEO.



Style Credits:
Balmain Ensembles from the Fall 2020 Collection


[Photo Credit: Palace Lee/, Marechal Aurore/Abaca/]

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