Style File: Jodie Whittaker in Eudon Choi and Daks

Posted on January 08, 2020

The new season of Doctor Who is off and running, which means Miss Jodie gets more chances to unleash her quirkier side. We can’t say the two-part season opener truly filled us with awe and wonder (Gallifrey fell? Again? The Master? AGAIN?), we’re always happy to get a glimpse of Jodie and her Big Suits.


Jodie Whittaker in Eudon Choi at BUILD Series in Eudon Choi

Having said that, we’re not super-crazy about this one, although we appreciate the bold goofiness of it. A little. But the color is a little cheap-looking and we really don’t like the splits in the jacket. It’s all interesting in its attempt to do something different with a basic women’s suit, but it comes off a like someone tried a little too hard.



Jodie Whittaker in Daks at BBC America’s “Doctor Who” Special Screening

This, on the other hand, is just about perfect. Our only quibble? The shoes should’ve been silver.




Style Credits:
First Look: Eudon Choi Blue Beatrice Jacket and Evelyn Trousers | Rails Shirt | Grenson Shoes
Second Look: Daks Printed Ensemble | Grenson Shoes

Styled by Helen Sykes | Makeup by Jeni Chua


[Photo Credit: Media Punch/, DARA KUSHNER/]

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