Isla Fisher, Naomi Watts and Ruby Rose at the Australians in Film Awards

Posted on October 24, 2019

Three Aussie ladystars with three VERY different styles came out in support of the home country’s film industry.


Isla Fisher in Alexia Maria

As we and plenty of others have said many a time, a red head simply can’t go wrong in a rich green. It’s not the freshest design in the world (although it’s very much on trend), but it looks pretty much perfect on her.

Yes, we still hate bows and satin. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta admit when something works, your own tastes aside.


Naomi Watts in The Vampire’s Wife

But we’re still pretty firmly not feeling The Vampire’s Wife rather limited aesthetic of shiny floral nightgowns and juvenile party dresses. Admittedly, a few celebrity ladies have managed to pull them off, but it seems to us that you have to be uniquely suited to this sort of look and that most women just aren’t. That’s why it’s so limiting. This is just okay on her, but that’s about as far as we can go in complimenting it. These always look like dresses the wearer will wind up cringing over a few years down the line.




Ruby Rose

This is pretty great – and extremely well-suited to her preferences for Lite-Butch Glam, but we don’t think the footwear’s working at all. Of course we wouldn’t suggest a pair of heels or sandals, but these boots just don’t look right with a glittery tux. And everything’s too big on her.




[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/]

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