Cambridge Royal Tour Day Two: Bill Cambridge Steps His P(rince) Up

Posted on October 15, 2019



The last time we saw a Prince WERQing a lewk this fine he was onstage licking his guitar and singing “I Would Die 4 U.” It’s a gorgeous sherwani, rendered in the kind of muted, dark colors he sticks to, with a minimum of embellishment, which makes this feel like a representation of his own style preferences rather than just a bit of local cosplay. It really looks beautiful on him.


Oh hey, Cathy. We didn’t see you there. You look nice too.

Okay, fine. She looks SPECTACULAR. We wonder how much this blue/green color story is going to remain in play. They’ve stuck rigidly close to it for the first 24 hours.



Style Credits:
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: Jenny Packham Emerald Green Gown| O’nitaa Earrings
Prince William: Naushemian Sherwani and Pants

[Photo Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Images/]

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