Venice Film Festival: Meryl Streep at “The Laundromat” Photocall and Premiere

Posted on September 03, 2019

These looks are so on-point for Meryl and so perfectly photogenic for the Venice Film Festival that we briefly wondered if she’d gotten a new stylist. But she and Micaela Erlanger have been working together for a good while, so we’ll chalk this happy turn of events to a client/stylist relationship settling into a deep and productive understanding of what’s needed and what works.



Meryl Streep Heads to “The Laundromat” Photocall in Derek Lam

Both a consummate artist and a consummate Company Gal, Meryl never wanted to make how she looked central to her success but always understood that denying the role of surface details in a female movie star’s career is most often a fatal mistake. She’s been in it for the long term since Day One of her career and she’s smart enough to know that putting on expensive clothes and waving for the camera is to be ignored or sneered at one’s peril. Her promotional style has always been a push-pull between knowing what’s expected of her and not wanting to be forced into anything undignified or unsuited to her. That tension doesn’t always produce the best results for the red carpet, but sometimes, she and her team get it all figured out. This is perfect, from the killer shades to the slightly goofy shoes (which are something of a Meryl trademark). It’s comfortable (from the ankles up, at least), breezy, photogenic but not frivolous or silly. She looks unfussed and fabulous.



Meryl Streep in Givenchy at “The Laundromat” Premiere

We might have preferred a different, less fitted sleeved, a hem that fell to the floor, and blue pumps, but the colors are glorious, the print is fabulous, and Mary Louise is CLEARLY feeling the shit out of this look. If anyone should be wearing fabulous caftans on the red carpet every chance she gets, it should be Meryl “Earned the Damn Comfort” Streep. The earrings, shades, and overall sense of joy and comfort help complete this look perfectly. Slight goofiness of the shape aside, this may be one of our Meryl all-time faves.



Style Credits:
First Look: Derek Lam Long-sleeve Embroidered Button-down Shirt | Salvatore Ferragamo Bag | Aera ‘Blondie’ Mule
Second Look: Givenchy Dress from the Fall 2019 Collection | Dinosaur Designs Jewelry

Styled by Micaela Erlanger

[Photo Credit: Simone Comi/IPA/, Marechal Aurore/ABACA/,,,]

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