D23 Expo: The Cast of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Dressed for the Dark Side

Posted on August 26, 2019

“Okay, team. For this one, we want you all wearing black, okay? It’s like… a dark side of the force kind of thing, get it? GO DISNEY!”

Or something like that, we imagine.




Daisy Ridley

Acceptable, low-key chicness. Once her responsibilities to Star Wars promotional work is complete, we’ll be really interested in seeing what direction her promotional style takes. We can’t tell if this subdued sort of style is really her or not. We don’t necessarily think she’s being forced into designs she hates or anything (although there’s plenty of precedent for that sort of thing; just ask Twilight-era Kristen Stewart), but we wonder if she’ll break out a little more when she gets out from under the Disney umbrella. Then again, they own everything now, so she may not ever see the light of a Disney-free day again. How much you want to bet she’ll be signing onto the Marvel universe a year or two down the road? We’re just saying.




John Boyega

Someone’s been working out. Someone’s pants are also too high on him.




Kelly Marie Tran

We really don’t get the point of wearing or designing (we can’t tell which) the jacket that way. It’s cute otherwise – although the sheer black hose and T-straps don’t feel particularly modern.




Keri Russell

We absolutely never say this, but if she was wearing black pumps, the whole look would come together nicely. Even better: black boots. Neutral sandals are a weird choice.




Oscar Isaac

It’s possible your man is wearing a very dark blue here, which makes him something of an anti-corporate radical, we suppose. Even with the Accounts Receivable pants.

Anyway, the big story was not the fashion, of course. It was this:




Is Leia training Rey? Why does C3-PO have red eyes? Does Rey go to the dark side? What the hell does that title even mean? Is J.J. Abrams going to undo all the fine, interesting work Rian Johnson did with the franchise and turn the force back into an aristocratic bloodline thing instead of a universe-wide thing? Many questions to ponder here. We can’t deny the trailer looks exciting, but we have to admit we’re bracing ourselves for some major disappointment. We’re not even sure why. Maybe it’s just baked into Star Wars at this point.


[Photo Credit: The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA – Video Credit: Star Wars via YouTube.com]

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