Friday Leftovers for the Week of June 16th, 2019

Posted on June 21, 2019

Darlings, welcome to the end of the MOST TRAGIC RED CARPET WEEK OF THE YEAR. Yes, it’s high-summer and that means all the celebrities have gone off to the beaches or into hiding for a bit. Since the summer movie situation is somewhat dire this year, we’re not even being treated to all that much in the way of superhero or other blockbuster-adjacent red carpet events. It’s a sad state of affairs. And these are the folks who, in the midst of this desert of celebrity style, STILL wound up serving us looks that didn’t strike us as interesting enough for their own spotlights. Let’s all tsk at them together.

Okay, fine. Some of these looks are low-key cute. For instance…



Betty Gilpin in Louis Vuitton

We don’t normally do talk show stuff for the leftovers post, but this was just chic and sharp enough that we felt it deserved a drive-by compliment. Plus we can’t wait for Glow season three.




Darren Criss

We’re not sure why this is working so well, but we suspect it all comes down to him. He’s just right for this look.




Dominique Jackson in Alice + Olivia

Some of the rainbow fashion on display this month has been seriously questionable, but this is chic and stylish. She looks great.




Ed Sheeran

Someone please come and collect their hobbit. He’s starting to get upset.




Felicity Jones in Markarian

It’s a great textile and a fairly dramatic look for her, but we hate that the top looks like an apron.




Jameela Jamil

No real complaints here. The color looks great on her and she can work the oversized shape pretty well. Not sure matchy, glittery, pointy-toed pumps were the answer, though.



Julianne Moore in Giambattista Valli

“There they are,” we said in unison as we scrolled down to see her footwear choice. The lady’s got quite the knack for ruining the most basic of looks with the most horrifying footwear choices.




Kate McKinnon in Akris

The placement of the cutouts isn’t flattering and the design is more than a little stale.




Kristen Bell

Love this. It looks better suited to colder weather, but we love a good, creamy tone-on-tone when it’s done right and it’s on the right person.




Lena Headey

It’s not high red carpet style but we love her so we don’t care. Also: the further away we get from Game of Thrones the more we realize she’s literally the only performance we’re going to miss seeing more of.




Noomi Rapace and Riz Ahmed

That’s some pretty fine suiting. We’re loving how well-fitted hers is and we wish we could say the same about his. He seems to have a preference for loose, blocky styles, but they don’t love him back.



Patricia Arquette

We would find this all pretty put very mumsy if it weren’t for those killer shades.




Patrick Wilson

Too pretty to be this boring.




Riley Keough





Theo James and Emily Ratajkowski

Sorry, we can’t see their clothes, what with all the cheek-sucking and face-giving they’re doing.




Vera Farmiga in Jeffrey Dodd

This is refreshingly striking. She doesn’t lack for boldness in her style options, but she rarely goes for something so modern and eye-catching. Not sure the flat hair is helping the look, though.






[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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