Pop Style Opinionfest: Pride & Penises

Posted on June 21, 2019


Kittens, it’s all there in the title! This week, we flipped on the mics and went all in on two of our favorite topics!

First, we continue our month-long discussion of PRIDE. We talk about how drastically Pride events and parades have changed in the last decade; how that change evinces a generational split but also indicates a progression that’s been a long time coming; how we feel as gay men of a certain generation watching the definition of Pride change and became far more expansive than it was in our youths. Then, we put on our “LEAVE TAY ALONE” t-shirts on and do a little clapping back at some of the criticisms leveled at her queer-ally video for “You Need to Calm Down.” Not that we think it’s beyond reproach, just that, well… she’s Taylor Swift. You need to manage your expectations. ALSO: a further discussion regarding our Pride editorial that ran this week in the Philadelphia Inquirer and a bit about our plans for the (gratifyingly) popular LEGENDARY posts going forward.

Whew! Time for some penis talk!





Zendaya’s new HBO jawn Euphoria premiered this week, complete with full-blown penis’ry on display. Believe it or not, we have little to say about the penises themselves. It’s the reaction to them that got us all huffy and judgey. We take the entertainment and culture press to task for their sophomoric reactions to male nudity and run down the ways in which we think it hurts the culture and diminishes actresses who have also done nude scenes.




Show your PRIDE and EMBRACE THE PENIS, darlings!


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[Photo Credit: Courtesy of HBO – Video Credit: Taylor Swift via YouTube.com, Euphoria via YouTube.com]


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