Pop Style Opinionfest: Tea and TV with T Lo

Posted on May 24, 2019


Kittens, there was simply no getting around it this week. As much as we think it’s a dead horse that doesn’t need any further beating, the Game of Thrones finale still called for some contextualizing and final thoughts. Our review was written in the early morning hours after it aired, but after five days of it dominating the conversation, with hot take after hot take rolling in on an hourly basis, we wanted to offer our final thoughts and how they’ve evolved slightly over the past few days, as well as to address a minor misunderstanding about our review; something that we could have made a bit clearer.

But before we get to that, Lorenzo has THINGS TO SAY about Elaine Welteroth’s tenure on Project Runway as well as a whole bunch of extra opinions on the so-called “real woman” dresses from last night’s episode. And because we see no point in reviewing or recapping a reunion episode (for reasons we explain in the conversation), we gave some quick impressions on the drama and attention-seeking of the Drag Race reunion episode. Some of those girls got a little mean!




So thank you all once again for listening to our little bitchfest and putting up with our cartoon voices. Loveya!



[Photo Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO, VH1, Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo – Video Credit: HBO via YouTube.com]


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