The Gentlemen at the “Avengers: Endgame” World Premiere

Posted on April 23, 2019


Gentlemen, start your Av-engines.

Sorry. We’ll do better.



Anthony Mackie

The plaid suit/gingham shirt/knit tie look feels distinctly circa 2014 or so, but we don’t mind. He looks good.



Benedict Cumberbatch (with Sophie Hunter)

It strikes us as a bit too formal. And if the hair’s for a role, we hope he gets to wrap whatever he’s doing right now up soon, because a buzzcut does NOT suit him.



Don Cheadle (with Bridgid Coulter)

Was purple a deliberate theme for the night? There’s a lot of it on this purple carpet; enough for us to wonder if everyone was feeling a little Thanos-y. The suit is fine, but this wasn’t the right kind of suit to pair with white kicks.



Jeremy Renner

Kudos for going formal, but it looks a little off in this setting. The Cumberbatch notwithstanding, it’s a little bit extra to show up to a superhero premiere dressed for the Oscars.



Mark Ruffalo (with Sunrise Coigney)

He couldn’t do something with that hair?



Paul Rudd

Blandly disappointing. And we’d argue that tie does nothing for the suit.




Robert Downey Jr. (with Susan Downey)

We immediately scrolled down to see if he ruined this pretty great look with his usual piss-poor footwear choices. He’s still on his bullshit, wearing a huge pair of obvious lifts, but at least these are subtle. Still, the point remains that you can’t wear giant high-tops with a suit because the pants aren’t designed to go with them. Even so, we rate this one of the best RDJ looks we’ve seen. The tinted yellow shades are kind of ridiculous, and we guess we have to accept that some of these dudes really wanted to go formal, but at least he did so with his particular flair and style.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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