Friday Leftovers for the Week of March 24th, 2019

Posted on March 29, 2019

Kittens, in a perfect summation of the red carpet pickins of the week, there’s really not much here and what’s here is really not much. We’re just saying. Put on your judging pants but don’t expect much of a meal.



Anna Chlumsky

We want to like this for being bright and bold, but the sweater tucked into the big white pants is a bit hard for us to handle.




Darren Criss in Balmain

We’re not a hundred percent on this one but we’re happy to see any man working an unconventional look. Keep doing it, Darren.




Drew Barrymore in SemSem

This is perfectly Drew in a Boho mismatch kind of way, but there’s something awfully crotchy going on here.




Ginnifer Goodwin (in Brock Collection) and JoshDallas (in Dunhill)

Those looks are reserved for Jennifer Connelly and her equally as snooty husband Paul Bettany. You two haven’t earned them.

But fine. You both look pretty okay.




Hailee Steinfeld in Balmain

LOVE. It’s low-key with one major visual element. Very chic.




Heidi Klum in Johanna Ortiz

This looks like something you drape on a piano. And that hair is not your best look, Heidster.




Justin Hartley

Dorky cute. He’s trying, but nothing actually goes with anything else.




Michelle Yeoh in Barney Cheng Couture

International watch model, looking fabulous.




Naomi Campbell in Philippe Perissé

Can’t argue with a diva doing the work God intended for her.




Olivia Wilde in Marc Jacobs

We honestly don’t get a turtleneck gown in L.A. in late March. It’s so weirdly heavy looking.




Ruth Wilson

It’s … okay?  We don’t really like any of the pieces – alone or in combination – but it seems to work for her and the neutral color scheme keeps it from being overwhelming.




Sonequa Martin-Green in Adeam

Oof. Lady, we think you’re killing it on Star Trek: Discovery this season, but this is hotel wallpaper.




Taissa Farmiga in Christian Dior

The blonde hair renders her pretty generic. And speaking of generic, hello dress. Maybe that’s not fair but she and her sis trade in so much spooky drag that it’s losing a lot of impact.





Zachary Quinto in Dzojchen

Captain Pajamas and His Silly Shoes. That will be the title of our first children’s book, we think. Thank you, Zachary. Once again, you inspire us.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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