Emma Stone at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris: IN or OUT?

Posted on March 06, 2019

Given what we’ve been highlighting this week, you might have mistakenly assumed that Paris Fashion Week is nothing but a parade of attention-seekers and clickbait fashion. Please allow Miss Emma to step forward and disabuse of you of that notion.



While we might have some quibbles with this (which we also might be stating very shortly), it’s almost refreshing to see something classically chic and relatively un-challenging passing itself off as high fashion. It’s also nice to see a Louis Vuitton look that doesn’t veer into the cray.

HAVING SAID THAT, we think bare legs with a tweed mini-dress looks downright odd. If ever a gal needed a pair of tights, it would be Miss Emma, right here. Dark green, brown or black – we don’t care which one, but any one of them would have made this pretty cute look a drop-dead chic one. If we really wanted to get into the nitpicky weeds, we’d suggest that, outside of a fashion show, this outfit would come off a little over-styled. Let the bag or the shoes be a bit less visually interesting so the dress can draw the eye up. Bottom line: we like this a lot but if could be better.

And you?

Emma Stone’s Tweed n’ Legs:

IN or OUT?



Style Credits:
Louis Vuitton Tweed Double-breasted Coat Dress, Shoes and Bag

Styled by Petra Flannery

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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