Christian Siriano & Karlie Kloss Show Off the New Project Runway Look

Posted on January 10, 2019


Darlings, THIS is the day when we finally get out in front of our massive awards season red carpet backlog, but before we hit you with another onslaught of attention-seeking red carpetry, we thought we’d offer a little amuse-bouche.





You know what? That all looks pretty amazing. Obviously, a new coat of paint isn’t the only thing Project Runway needs as it sheds most of its OG team, returns to its OG home, and heads deeper into its second decade. But the show has long needed an aesthetic freshening up and looking at these two videos, it strikes us how poorly Lifetime served the franchise by doing absolutely nothing to update it or make it seem modern. It is the only truly successful fashion design reality competition and it should, by definition, always remain fashionable and stylish; not stuck in a 2005 reality TV aesthetic. Christian makes a great point about the new (and stunning) work room: Designers need inspiring places to work. That horrible windowless studio Lifetime shoved them into for so many years was depressing to look at and almost certainly aided in the show’s creative decline. When they were literally working at Parson’s, we got unusual, avant-garde, of-the-moment fashion (some times), but when they moved to a studio, the clothes went catalog. And how about that snazzy new accessories wall? Kittens, as scholars of all things PR, it seems to us that the show is doing everything it can to address the loudest complaints of its fans. Next to the too-short challenges, the shitty accessories wall may just have been the most complained-about aspect of the show in the last several years. As for the runway, it’s better and brighter, but the “tent” aesthetic strikes us as a bit quaint since so few NYFW shows are held in tents anymore.

We’re amazed to say it, but we really can’t wait to see what Project Runway does next. It’s been close to a decade since we said anything like that. You can read more about the new PR hosting team here.



[Still: BravoTV via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit:]

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