Mandy Moore Surprises Us a Bit in Rochas at the “Ralph Breaks the Internet” Premiere

Posted on November 08, 2018

Transparency in fashion blogging: These shots have been sitting in a folder for days, constantly getting pushed back for various reasons, even though this week hasn’t been entirely brimming with discussable celebrity fashion. We committed to getting this look fully assessed today, and opted to schedule it after a succession of eye-candy posts, figuring its blandness and likely awkwardness might serve as a palate-cleanser after Iman and Lupita spent the morning slapping you in the face with their fabulousness. Yes, we think this way. Out loud sometimes.

Anyway, it turns out? We owe Miss Mandy an apology. We literally just assumed this would be a not-great look, based on her history (and to be fair, a perfunctory glance). In reality, it’s actually a pretty great one:


Personally, we feel like the severe hair’s a styling mistake for a dress with this much sweep and boldness to it. And from a design perspective, we can’t say we like the huge ruffle collar. But considering how just plain weird her red carpet style has been at times, this is a fairly stylish, eye-catching sort of look. We feel like the pops of blue needed to have been played up, possibly in jewelry or bag choices. The lip color’s honestly a bit much. Having said all that, these may be the most minor set of quibbling critiques we’ve ever offered in response to a Mandy Moore red carpet outing. Well done.



Style Credits:
Rochas Floral Print Dress
Neil Lane Jewelry

Styled by Cristina Ehrlich | Makeup by Kindra Mann | Hair by Ashley Streicher

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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